Celebrating Sobriety!

This short blog is about Jordan, and her celebrating her sobriety. She came all the way from Mississippi to meet with me, and wanted to share her story.

Sobriety Story

Jordan had struggled with addiction in the past. BUT on September 15th, she had celebrated her second year of sobriety! And although I have never been addicted to any substances, I have been told it’s hard to stop. I have always heard how cruel it can be at taking loved ones from their families and friends, but never knew anyone the majority of my life personally who struggled.

It wasn’t until two years ago that I lost a good friend to addiction. He had two young children at home. One was only a few weeks old and it broke my heart. I now know of the pain to lose someone from it, and it’s not something I would wish on anyone. So to see anyone maintaining their sobriety, even for a week is something that I think is worth celebrating.

Sobriety Story

I met Jordan and her family during her daughter’s birthday cake smash, (can’t wait to share those!) and immediately picked up on how great of a mother and overall person she was. Not only that, but she donned tattoos of Billy & Mandy, possessed a funny and dark sense of humor, and had a Jake keychain from Adventuretime on her wallet! I learned that she’s a makeup artist, enjoys painting, singing, and basically all forms of art! In short, she was my kind of person!

After we completed her daughter’s cake smash, the sunlight was not on our side and basically the park was pitch black! I pulled out my lighting equipment and that is when we both realized we didn’t really know how exactly we wanted to do this session. lol But in the end we just went with the flow and I think the pictures really speak for themselves! Congratulations Jordan! You look beautiful and you deserve to be praised! Here’s to two years, and many more to come!

Don’t be ashamed of your story. It will inspire others.

Sobriety Celebration

Are you interested in celebrating sobriety or having a milestone session for yourself? Contact me today via Facebook, e-mail, instagram or by phone, and allow me to create images that you’ll be able to treasure for a lifetime.

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