Olive’s Cake Smash

Olives Cake Smash

I constantly say that each session is a favorite of mine. 😂
So instead I will say that this Olive’s Cake Smash was one of the most fun that I’d done in the year!

I had been contacted by Jordan (from my sobriety celebration session) about doing Olive’s session. When I asked her the theme of what she’d like to have her daughter? She told me Halloween! My absolutely favorite holiday of the year!

Olives Cake Smash

When asking her to go into more details about what she wanted, she said that she’d like Olive to look a little bloody, but still be incredibly adorable! I was okay with honestly anything! 😂 Fun fact about myself! I dabble in special effects makeup and have peers appear as zombies and etc! I was completely open-minded to whatever her vision was going to be. After a good deal of communication, I think that we made her vision a reality!

If I’m not mistaken, Olive wasn’t able to walk yet! But boy did she know how to stand! She loved her mommy and daddy a great deal! She was definitely easy to work with as far as pictures! Not one tantrum or tear! She was also very quiet! Yet she was quick to give you an adorable smile with her piercing eyes!

Olive’s cake smash allowed me to push my creativity in ways that I didn’t think I was capable of! I always say that it’s a pleasure and honor to do a session for my clients. I’ve begun to realize that even when my clients thank me for their galleries, I am thanking them! I seriously love it when I am able to help bring someone’s vision into reality!

Interested in having a Cake Smash session for your baby? Contact me today!

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