Mr & Mrs Wang’s Wedding Day!

Mr & Mrs Wang Wedding

Well hi again, everyone! I am so excited to share with you all the lovely intricate details of Mr & Mrs Wang’s Wedding Day!

Let’s give it up for one fabulous couple, who just so happen to be newlyweds. Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Wang!

Their wedding was B-E-A-U-tiful!

I thoroughly enjoyed photographing Zi and Maudie’s wedding on Saturday, July 24th at the Seven Gables Inn. Their wedding ceremony and reception were placed there and the entire venue is really classy and stunning!

The couple has been together for six years and I had the honor of meeting them for the first time when I shot this very special moment for them. I feel like we hit it off! Maudie is such an amazing person!

I tend to enjoy being more of a fly on the wall or as I tell my clients, “a shadow,” because I try to capture what’s happening and not alter anything happening in any way but I noticed that when she was doing a video call with more of her loved ones, it appeared as if she was signing with American Sign Language! Some of the hand gestures looked very familiar and I thought that was just so cool. It’s something that more people (including myself) should learn! It just made it even easier to capture the beauty.

Maudie signing ASL on her wedding day
As for Mr. Zi? He was awesome too! I am so excited to share this but this man straight performed a magic trick before I said goodbye to him and his wife for the evening.

He asked me to think of a number. I don’t think that he even gave me an exact range of what to choose either! Unbeknownst to me, Mr. Wang had written down a number (prior to the wedding ceremony and me arriving) that he was thinking of! So I mentioned the number and lo and behold it was the exact number! I was mindblown and still wonder how on earth he knew! In the midst of being handed a very generous tip, I was also provided with his business card. (I got a chuckle reading it later because on it was “Dreamer, Thinker, Nerd.”) So I looked him up and he’s got some pretty nifty videos that you can click and view here.

After the wedding, I had asked them to strut their stuff. And strut they surely did!
Their wedding day was flawless. The color scheme was very organized and synced. The food smelled and from what I gathered from viewing the guests eating, it must have tasted great!

Now that I have brushed on two individual things about Mr. & Mrs. Wang, I’d like to mention a little bit about the two of them! They met through the dating app OkCupid, which is funny because my last wedding blog featured The Mendoncas who also met and fell in love with that app! What’s even cuter is that Zi proposed to Maudie at Disney’s Epcot Center. Also, I learned after asking that Zi and Maudie did decide to see each other before the wedding!

We did. We stayed in separate places the night before but saw each other throughout the day until I started getting ready. I think I needed him there to deal with the stress and I would not have changed that. – Maudie Wang

I always like to ask my brides if they have any kind of advice to provide any other future brides out there about things they should or shouldn’t worry about when it comes to the big day. One of the things that Maudie recommends is to budget and not spend too much on items that you will only wear once! Another notable tip that she provided is to make sure you get many photos of the evening and not just of you and the wedding party.

This amazing day would not have been possible without the help from:

  • Cake Maker: Delicious Bites (I’ll be writing a blog about their work soon so please stay tuned!)
  • The venue, Wedding Planner & Caterer: Seven Gables Inn (Seriously if I get married again I think I know where I’m getting married at! They seriously cover so many things!)
  • DJ: Strozewski Sound
  • Where Dress Was Purchased: LA Formals
  • Live Entertainment: Wedding Art Live
  • Florist: The BRIDE! Can you believe it!? She did such a great job!

This is only just a glimpse of the beauty that is Mr. and Mrs. Wang’s Wedding day! I am beyond excited to be delivering their images very soon! Not only are they a beautiful couple, but they were genuinely kind people and it was an absolute pleasure to capture the intimate and intricate moments of their special day.

So please wish The Wangs a lifetime of happiness and love! May they have a strong and tightly knit bond until the end of time.

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