The Wedding Of The Shipleys

I said it before and I’ll say it again: Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Shipley!

The Wedding Of The Shipleys

What a great day we had at the Ballwin Golf Club! Rob & Kris Shipley arrived at the venue shortly after they got ready. However, I believe that both of them got ready in different locations- and had their wedding ceremony and reception at the Ballwin Golf Club.

I asked these ladies who out of all of them would get drunk first when I snapped this photo! 😂
The wedding of the Shipleys was a huge success, partly in thanks to one of Kristan’s loved ones who also has shot weddings before and she was able to help gather everyone together that I needed! She was definitely awesome! We were able to work together to get the best photos possible of the couple’s special day. 

When I first arrived at the venue, I didn’t know what to expect! I always go into a wedding nowadays with my giant camera bag that weighs at least 5 lbs! (I personally think that it weighs more than my three-year old toddler, but that is yet to be determined! )

Kris Shipley, I must say is one seriously awesome human being. Not only is she one awesome mom and wife now, but she’s also an artist! While conversing with her, she informed me that she paints shoes! She has an etsy shop and I must say! She is extremely talented! If you love shoes, clocks, and you love art, definitely check out some of her work here!

But back to the wedding now!! So Kris, the bride, was already wearing her picture-perfect white wedding gown that she found at David’s Bridal.

What some may have raised their eyebrows about, such as seeing my incredibly unique and strange eyeball iPhone case or my silver hair? They thought was just the coolest thing! They also cracked so many jokes that I had to suppress laughing incredibly hard at! But you could just tell that they were all incredibly kind, sweet, and genuine people. You could sense and see the unity between all of them and it was just so… warm, being a part of. It was very well my favorite wedding of the season!

This beautiful wedding cake was done by Celebrating Life Cake Boutique, and really helped stick to the blue and purple color theme that I had noticed throughout the day!

The Wedding Of The Shipleys

The wedding was a huge success, partly in thanks to one of Kristan’s loved ones who also has shot weddings before and she was able to help gather everyone together that I needed! She was definitely awesome! We were able to work together to get the best photos possible of the couple’s special day. So I highly appreciated her help and she was just hilarious, down to earth, and a pleasure to be around.

delicious wedding catering food

The reception was so much fun! Everyone loved the food catered by Nagels BBQ. The menu consisted of some delicious meat, macaroni, and green beans! I took my plate home and I definitely enjoyed it. I’d love them as my caterers if I ever have a wedding! The staff was extremely friendly while I invaded their workspace to snap a few photos of the amazing meals that they prepared!

Rob and Kris danced their first dance to “The One” by Kodaline, which was played by Deep Blue Productions. The DJ was extremely nice, extremely professional and I didn’t see any complaints from anyone on the dancefloor! Everyone started moving to the dance floor by the time “Cupid Shuffle” started playing!

The whole day was amazing. Join me in wishing Rob & Kristan many happy years!

Another vendor that I’d like to mention is Carmella’s Photo Booth! This company had so many different kinds of props to mess with! From mustaches, hats, and sunglasses to jewelry and boas! It was a very cute and fun experience that I also got to be a part of, due to the bride and groom’s hilarious niece wanting one with me!

I would also like to mention that (I have also briefly discussed this with Kris) I am so glad that she chose me for her wedding day! Little did she know that due to personal reasons, the date of her wedding was actually a painful anniversary for me. Around that time last year, I was in a low mental space. But I knew just from my brief interaction with her that she’d be a pleasure to work with and I am so glad that she chose me as her wedding photographer! Seeing so many people gathering for love, laughing away and dancing, treating me as if I was part of the family?

That… that really ignited my love for shooting weddings again. I found myself still being professional but really appreciated as myself by everyone and felt beyond welcome in their home and hearts. I cannot even imagine how it must be actually being part of the family! So many people just approached me and told me that I was doing a good job! The daughter of the bride and groom, as well as their niece, were such a joy as well! I mean I just cannot stress how much these people have a special place in my heart now. You all made me remember why I loved being a photographer, and why I love doing what I do. No words will ever be able to describe my gratitude to each and every single one of you for your generosity, hospitality, love, and kindness.

The Wedding of the Shipleys will certainly be one for myself and everyone that attended, to remember!

…Also I hope to get an invitation to the next get-together. 😂

As far as the bride’s thoughts and experiences of every vendor for her special day?

“Our experience with all of our vendors was great! They all worked with all of our date changes due to covid., and we’re super understanding with all the restrictions and such as they occurred.”

But without further adieu, Mr. and Mrs. Shipley!

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