The Crump Wedding – A Definition Of Black Love

Well hi again, everyone!

Let’s give it up for one amazing couple, who just so happen to be newlyweds. Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Crump! Your wedding was beautiful!

I absolutely loved photographing Mr. and Mrs. Crump’s wedding and reception on Friday, November 19th, at the Holiday Inn in Earth City, MO.

I walked in lugging in my wagon and gear, looking exhausted and chaotic as usual. To which it killed me because both the groom and bridal party both were confused and asked, “are you sure?” When someone would tell them that I was the photographer at first. 😂 My response was my usual one which was yes, and I’m used to that kind of reaction. I always feel out of place and socially awkward! lol But everyone was so kind in the end.

I asked Mrs. Melissa Crump after their wedding how long they had been together, to which she answered, one year! I wouldn’t have honestly guessed because the chemistry that I saw flying between the two of them made me think that it had been at least five to ten years!

I met Mr. Charles and Mrs. Melissa Crump for the first time during their wedding day. So I didn’t have the honor of taking their engagement photos. But instead, Melissa’s daughter did! And I think that she captured the love and happiness the two of them shared for each other quite beautifully! If you’d like to see more of her daughter’s work, you can click here!
Their wedding day was perfect. The color theme was a very beautiful combination of dark shades of navy blues, a hint of baby blue, silver, and dark greys. The color blue has several different positive meanings as far as symbolism is concerned; such as calming and healing. The color blue can also help emit feelings of great peace. Which I feel really helped define the wedding as a whole. It was a very fun and lively event, but there was a level And the decor was extremely elegant! There were tiny crystals and dangling mini-chandeliers, jars with water-filled candlelit vases, and everything from the invitations down to the silverware all matched the entire classy aesthetic that I believe Mr. and Mrs. Crump desired for their special day.

Mr. and Mrs. Crump’s engagement story is so sweet too!

He was dropping me off home after a date and said he didn’t want to let me go…he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me.

Their beautiful wedding day would not have been possible without the help from: 

Cake Maker: Foralways_STL-Ashley

DJ: DJ Kodaq

Caterer: Holiday Inn

I asked the lovely bride Melissa how her overall experience was with me on her wedding day.

To which she said,

I really enjoyed and appreciated the help you gave. You understood my stress level and helped out tremendously, especially when the dj was late …lol. That picture saying the dj was here was a “huge” relief for me… Lol. You are truly a gem 💎

I could honestly see the love and happiness between this beautiful couple. You may call me biased but I will forever admire black love. There is something that is just so unique and special about it and you know when a couple possesses it once you see it.

The conversation just flowed between them, they constantly gravitated towards each other, and their energy was just potent and divine! The atmosphere of their happiness was just infectious to those around them. It was strong! I just know that they’ll be able to withstand anything that comes against them. Because they’ll be two people against the world if necessary. They will be each other’s Kings and Queens. Their love from the outside looking in was completely precious, full of good intentions, and gave me the impression that their love will withstand anything. It was an honor to witness. They may have been together for only a year but I can tell that they possess a love that transcends time.

…And it took nearly every fiber in my being to not dance along with everyone. I just had to say that. lol The music was perfect and it was an absolute pleasure capturing their wedding.

So please join me in wishing The Crumps many more years of love and happiness!! 

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