Carl & Whitney’s Fallout Session


A Wedding and Engagement Theme

Okay so I’ve been really excited about sharing this fallout-themed engagement session with everyone, and for so many reasons!

I was excited for this engagement photoshoot because:

  1. I have known Whitney and her family since we were children.
  2. The 3 of us, Carl & Whitney, as well as myself are big-time gamers.
  3. ANNND because they wanted a session with the theme of one of my absolute favorite video games ever! FALLOUT!!

For those who may not know what the video game Fallout is, it’s an RPG (role-playing game) where you get to explore the world which has become a nuclear wasteland. There are several different kind of amazing side quests and stories, and a lot of incredibly cool (and terrifying) creatures that you can battle as well.

We shot these images at an abandoned gas station in Festus, Missouri!

Carl & Whitney
The entire style of the game is highly influenced by music, clothing, and more during the time period of the 1950s. Throughout the game you can see pinup vintage gowns, spiffy dress pants and shirts, etc. But then there are people such as wastelanders (survivors of the apocalypse) that dress completely MAD MAX style and are prepared for battle at any moment. This is why Carl and Whitney wished to have another photoshoot to embody both kinds of attire. They even went and made a story to go with the theme; which you can view here.

And although there are giant killer crabs called Mirelurks, and homicidal radiated roaches, you do get a super cool and beautiful German Shepherd dog as your companion! Their name is Dogmeat, and they help fight and protect you from enemies. That sounds like a useless additional fact to bring up right? WRONG! And here’s why: I have a German Shepherd!

Her name is Ramona, and she’s been a part of my life for a little over a year now. And she’s a big freaking baby! So much so, that it took a tremendous amount of treats to get her to work with me and them. But we got the shots that we wanted and that’s all that matters!

Lastly, I wanted to know how did Carl & Whitney met, and it’s honestly just as cute as their session:

We met in the 5th grade, we were in gym class doing this game where we had to make these MacGyvered “boats” out of various gym equipment (think gym mats and those scooters you always ran your fingers over with). I was on one team and his team was next to mine, while we did notice each other we did not speak until the following Sunday, that’s where we actually met. Children’s church had just ended and we were heading to the doors to leave and I stopped him and we confirmed we were the people we saw at school and were completely inseparable. Our wedding date is actually estimated to be the exact day we met!

And the rest is history! They’ve been in love ever since and I am very happy to see her happy.

Their wedding day is right around the corner and will be on the 21st of August. To which I will have the honor of photographing! So stay tuned for a blog about that soon! Carl & Whitney, I look forward to seeing you both soon!

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