Antonia is a senior at Citronelle High School. However, as many of you know with the current pandemic going on it’s been a difficult time for all of the 2020 Senior Grads this year.

I constantly say that each session is a favorite of mine. 😂 So instead I will say that this Olive’s Cake Smash was one of the most fun that I’d done in the year! I had been contacted by Jordan (from my sobriety celebration session) about doing Olive’s session. When I asked her the theme […]

Olives Cake Smash

As you can see, Ejypt thoroughly enjoyed her smash the cake smash session. ( I know I’d have fun playing in fruit and cake!)

EjyptsCakeSmash Stare

This short blog is about Jordan. She came all the way from Mississippi to meet with me, and wanted to share her story. Jordan had struggled with addiction in the past. BUT on September 15th, she had celebrated her second year of sobriety! And although I have never been addicted to any substances, I have been told it…

A Short & Sweet blog about two adorable twin babies bringing in their first birthday with their own special cakes!

Cake Smash Family Session
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