Cake Smash + TWINS = ADORABLE!!!

Cake Smash Family Session

A beautiful baby girl named Brooklyn, and a strapping baby boy named Elijah.

Cake Smash Cakes

They had just arrived at the Japanese Gardens with their mother and grandmother, and I walked over to greet them all. If I’m not mistaken, Mrs. Riley made sure that they had naps before they arrived. So as soon as they both saw me when they got out of their car, both were content, and had sweet and welcoming smiles! They didn’t know what to make of me, but both were so quiet and well-behaved!

As I toyed with my camera settings and waited for everyone to be ready to walk and find a place to do our cake smash session, I asked which baby came first. The answer to that is that Brooklyn was the oldest!

Mrs. Riley dressed them in their cake smash outfits, and I soon learned that she actually made them herself! I was shocked! The most that I can do is make a t-shirt with vinyl. lol She actually runs a business making cute clothes and other nice accessories! If you like their outfits and would like some for your little one, or even for a cake smash session, click here. Her business name is Mom & Me Monogramming And Applique! Definitely check her stuff out sometime!

Twin Babies In The Grass

I had asked Amber to bring a couple of items with her aside from the cakes, to make for a smoother and easier transition for the twins’ cake smash. She brought a white blanket, a set of backup clothing, and a gallon of water.

The blanket was for Elijah and Brooklyn to sit on so that they wouldn’t be all in the grass (too many fire ants and I get nervous!) The set of clothes was just in case she or her husband got cake on their clothes because I cannot tell you how messy my camera got when I tried to do my toddler’s cake smash! It was beyond fun but it got messy quick! I had pink icing in places I would have never thought of before! So I can definitely emphasize the importance of needing them. Lastly, the water gallon was for their small bath after their cake smashing was done!

I didn’t know how they would be with their cakes, but I wanted to make sure that I got a couple of shots of them in their very cute outfits before they got them covered up goodies! Dad arrived not long after they were placed on the blankets and basically helped the little ones either look at me or look in my direction! Between their grandmother and parents, we made a great team and everything seemed to be going great! I caught them smiling, looking around, and just being their cute and quiet selves for their session!

….Or so I thought.

I never thought I’d make a baby, let alone two, cry over their cakes! Yet I did. How? Well, as soon as the cakes were placed in front of Brooklyn and Elijah, Brooklyn touched it with curiosity but didn’t entirely seem impressed by it. (Might I add that these cakes smelled delicious?) Elijah just wanted to move! As soon as he saw the cake and took a small bit, he wasn’t entirely concerned with eating at the moment. He wanted to crawl and go on an adventure! So he crawled ALL OVER HIS CAKE! Mom swooped in like an eagle and tried to place him back to capture pictures of him eating the cake but that’s exactly what made him put his foot, DOWN. He was upset! We tried to convince him about how delicious this cake was and he wasn’t having it!

baby crying while eating

In order to not push him out of his comfort zone any longer, daddy scooped him up and calmed him down! For awhile Brooklyn actually sat and tapped at her cake a little bit. After Elijah relaxed for a few minutes, we tried to bring him back on the blanket but NOPE! He just wasn’t having it! I felt so bad! So after snapping just a few more pictures, we decided to go ahead and try to see if they’d enjoy splashing in the water to kind of cool off and maybe even play!

Cake Smash with twin babies crying

The one thing that I immediately picked up from these adorable babies, is that they most certainly had their personalities already! Elijah was pretty outgoing until I ruined his day with my camera and cake! lol But little Miss Brooklyn was a diva! I even caught her making a ducky face! So cute! I bring this up for a reason because SHE. WAS. NOT. HAVING. IT.

mother and child

As soon as we tried to put her in my little basin, she was like,” NOPE!” And wanted up as soon as she was down! And that was that! The same could have been said for Elijah. He just wanted his daddy! lol

So we just went with their comfort zone for the rest of the session. Snapping pictures of the babies in their parents’ arms, loved, and comforted. I could definitely see the love and pride Mr. and Mrs. Riley have for their children! I also captured a shot of two beautiful generations together by capturing a picture of their grandmother with Brooklyn! By the end of the session, they were definitely done and tuckered out. I felt so bad that they were getting grouchy! It may not have seemed that I captured any good shots from their smash session but oh did I! I truly enjoyed it, and it was an absolute pleasure to meet this lovely family!

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